Heal yourself with chinese medicine

The Five Elements of Healing begins Wednesday October 26th. first class FREE!

Do you want to have the skills to be your own doctor? If so, consider joining me for the Five Elements of Healing – a Chinese Medicine and Energy Healing primer. I love helping people to feel inspired to take control over their health.

Chinese Medicine is the medicine of nature. The energetics of seasons that affect our earth are the same energies that move within us. As such, you can learn the master these seasons within your self to improve your health.

Energy medicine is about creating a high vibrational field that creates a healthy atmosphere. This can involve noticing and releasing pain and dysfunction, and manifesting an improved state of being. It’s fun!

In each class, we will go into one of the elements, learn all about how it manifests in us and in the world; and how to manage it for optimal health! Then we go deep into that same element / organ system / season with a guided meditation and visualization to release, renew and create more beneficial energies for ourselves and life at this time.

First class is free! Feel free to drop into this event and see if the class is right for you. The full series is $200 – register now or after your first class once you decide to commit to going deeper into your personal healing.