Five Element Acupuncture

What people experience with consistent Five Element Acupuncture treatment is improved health, a stronger sense of who they are, and a greater sense of ease in moving through life’s challenges.

The Five Element difference

Worsley 5 Element Acupuncture treats YOU (not just your symptoms) from a holistic mind, body, and spirit level. Treatment is dynamic, meaning- it changes based on the person receiving treatment as well as how your pulse and Self respond during treatment. We do not put needles in and leave the room. During a treatment, I am constantly assessing whether the actions that I take are moving your health in the optimal diretion. 

The difference in 5 E Acupuncture lies in both our philosophy and treatment. Philosophically, instead of treating symptoms that can pop up in an area, something akin to “putting out fires,” we treat YOU to improve your overall vital force. This is looking at what is causing the fires, so the fires stop popping up on their own as the environment finds more balance. There are 4 questions that we “ask” during each session:

1. Are there any blocks to treatment?

Human physiology can be complicated. Sometimes we create blockages that keep energy from flowing and then experience disharmony – where dis-ease comes from. These blocks can show up on a mind, body, or spirit level and in 5 E Acupuncture we will first look for these blocks and remove them if they are present. In every session this is the first place that we start.

2. How is your spirit?

It’s no surprise to know that your spirit is involved in your health. We know that feeling of falling in love or getting a promotion and life just flows easier, lighter, and with “joie de vivre.” We also know that when we experience a great loss or disappointment, we can have a hard time moving on. However, we can access the strength and vitality of our spirit at all times. In fact, getting it engaged is paramount to creating an experience of full health. Just like your body, your spiritual aspect has differing needs and what is beautiful about this medicine is that we include and treat this aspect.

3. What are your physiological needs?

After removing blocks and accessing spirit, we move to the body and your present experience in it. For the path that you are currently on, how is your body holding up? What does it need to have an easier time? More strength, better flow, some rest, direction, support, movement, to receive, etc.? Of the 365+ Acupuncture points that are accessible to us, we start asking specifically which ones will offer you the energy and experience that you need.

4. Support for the Causative factor 

After moving blocks, addressing the spirit’s needs and assisting the body, it’s time to focus on your Causative factor, which is the core element of your imbalance. This is the element that gets “pulled out” of balance and causes your whole system to go offline. The good news is that once we address this causative factor and give it attention and support, things start to move in the right direction. Over time and with consistent treatment toward it, symptoms that were nagging you in any direction subside and your experience of health and life improves.