What To Expect

What people experience with consistent Five Element Acupuncture treatment is improved health, a stronger sense of who they are, and a greater sense of ease in moving through life’s challenges.


Your first Five Element Acupuncture appointment will include a full health history, examination, and initial treatment. Expect 2 hours for this session, though it may take less time. This session will include both Acupuncture and Moxibustion. It is then ideal to meet weekly for 4-6 weeks to bring your system into balance and offer you the support that you need. (I offer a 6 session introductory package at a discount to  support you financially while beginning treatment.) 

Session Frequency

After your initial series, treatment scheduling depends on your needs. For folks dealing with chronic illness or high stress, weekly or bi-monthly sessions may be helpful. For folks who are experiencing good health, and have experienced a greater experience of health and well-being after an initial series, a monthly treatment is usually enough to offer support; and to deal with any acute issues that come up.

Typical Treatment

When we meet, we will sit and talk in a comfortable space. I will then listen to your pulse and observe how the elements are showing up within you. Once points are selected, I will safely apply hand rolled moxa cones to your skin. After engaging the point with the moxa, I use a sterilized needle to direct your Qi energy. Most of the needles are  inserted to the level of Qi then removed. During the session, I will continually check back in with your pulse to determine the course of treatment and which points will best support your healing journey.

Balance = Health

My work is to identify and bring these elements into a greater balance within you; so that you – like nature, may experience harmony within your own cycles of growth, maturation, transformation, release, and integration that creates excellent health.

Sessions are at the Grove Healing Center in Lemon Grove, CA.

Also offering online consultations.

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