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What people are saying after working with Dr. Charlie:


“Charlie is a master healer. He was able to help me with some very scary long Covid symptoms I was experiencing. In just one session, he got rid of the heart palpitations I had been experiencing for months. In our next session, he was able to give me the treatment and dietary guidance to also climb out of the severe adrenal fatigue I had also been experiencing. He is definitely a very intuitive, skilled practitioner, I highly recommend” Regina Gelfo, Saint Petersburg, FL.  www.Reginagelfo.com


“I’m glad I found Dr. Charlie at Elohi Acupuncture. I’ve done a couple years of Acupuncture with other practitioners and it never gave me relief. In only one treatment with Charlie, it shifted my healing quickly and deeply. I have a complicated case of Lyme and mold disease and he’s now the only Acupuncturist I trust. The herbs that he gave me were great for my sensitive system. Forever grateful.” Ariana Joy, Arimana Wellness Center


“My acupuncture session with Charlie Cavallo was a healing experience beyond what I would have imagined. We exchanged some text communications before our first meeting, and I could already feel his commitment to ascertaining potential factors underlying my health issues. At our session, Charlie attentively listened to me discuss my respiratory and digestive issues before he began his treatments. During the acupuncture session, Charlie facilitated a safe and powerful release of a very old and deep trauma. He also provided me with dietary recommendations based on my condition and some Chinese herbs. Even though I live in a different location, Charlie continued to follow up with me and offer his expertise and I am left feeling intensely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him.” M.G. August 23, 2022

“Charlie was my introduction to 5 Elemental Acupuncture. My first session left me in a state of wonder – what just happened. He gave me space to process, then answered ALL my questions, sent me some videos of the founder which put the session and what I experienced in a context. That made me appreciate Charlie, his style, his patience, his persistence, care, and questions, all to bring me to much improved health, physically, mentally, and in my soul. Charlie is a wonder of professionalism, skill, and kindness that creates a full experience of wellness. To this day, Charlie checks on me and will offer insight into what I could do next.” HR.