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Five Element Acupuncture


Elohi means “people of earth.” This name is derived from “Elohim” (Great Source,) who in ancient metaphysical texts, were two gods that ruled and watched over our planet. Therefore, the people who resided on planet earth were known as Elohi (from Source.)

Five Element Acupuncture

5 E Acupuncture is a method that was synthesized by J.R. Worsley in the 1950’s. With its roots in Classical Chinese Medicine, Five Element Acupuncture seeks to treat the whole person – working from a mind, body, and spirit level to get to the root cause of dis-ease.

Currently offering sessions in-home, in the San Diego area.

Also offering online consultations.

As JR Worsley himself said:

“We must strive to see people not only as they present themselves in illness, but more importantly as they would be in perfect health and balance, in full discovery of their true nature – unique in body, mind, and spirit.”

Results of Five Element (5 E) Acupuncture

What people experience with consistent 5 E Acupuncture treatment is a greater sense of ease in moving through life’s challenges, a stronger sense of Who They Really Are, and a greater connection to source with more ability to participate in what is going on around them.

On a physical level, 5 E Acupuncture supports your overall vitality, so people often experience an improvement in their health, including: the quality of sleep, movement, digestion, clarity of thought, breathing, elimination, energy, and circulation. Treating at the level of the spirit ensures that your body knows what to do, and sets up the best conditions for healing.

My job is to be an instrument of nature.

To observe, listen, hear, be present, offer compassion, and to see you in your highest good – while choosing the Acupuncture points that will illuminate the resources that will lead you there.

What to Expect

When we meet, we will sit to talk in a comfortable space, and you can tell me about what has been going on in your life. I will then take your pulse while using my senses to observe – noticing how the 5 elements are showing up and any changes within you. I will then use moxabustion applied safely to your skin, as well as needles superficially pressed in order to support and direct your Qi energy. During the session, I will continually check back in with your pulse to determine the course of treatment and which points will best support your healing journey.

Whole Human Health

My commitment is to always show up in the best way possible, with both presence and compassion; and to continue to be a student of nature – so that I may continue to refine my skills of observation in the hopes that I might see how these elements are moving (or not moving) within you. Thus, I will attempt to bring these elements into greater balance within you, so that you, like nature, might experience the harmony of growth, vision, expression, connection, transformation, integrity, inspiration, letting go, courage, and wisdom that creates excellent health.

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