Five Element Acupuncture

What people experience with consistent Five Element Acupuncture is improved health, a stronger sense of who they are, and a greater sense of ease in moving through life’s challenges.

Five Element Acupuncture is a dynamic method of Classical Acupuncture that aims to treat your whole person from a Mind, Body, and Spirit perspective. During a session, I actively engage with you and your pulse to both affect and observe a change in your energy. Both health and dis-ease start at the energetic level and then become matter in your body. In adjusting your energy, we create a state of being that we are intending for you, and then when you leave – this energetic change can continue to do its’ work. Some people notice a change immediately, and for some it takes a few days. It is best when beginning treatment to come in 1 x week for 6 weeks, and then adjust timing to bi-monthly or monthly depending on your needs and state of health. 

There are 4 questions that I “ask” during each session:


Are there any blocks to treatment?

In Chinese Medicine there are internal and external causes of Dis-ease. The external sources are weather (heat, cold, dry, damp, wind,) and trauma. Internal causes involve our reactions to these climates – as well as our emotions; aka how we respond to life.  Life circumstances and our reactions to it can create blocks in your energy flow that I will attempt to clear before I address the needs of your Self.


How are your spirits?

You are a Spirit having a Human experience. It can be a lot! Five Element Acupuncture uses points that support your Spirit and help you move through various phases of your life with more ease.


What are your physiological needs?

How is your body holding up? What does it need to work more efficiently? Here we support your physiological function by focusing directly on the path of the organ systems. These “officials” have specific jobs in your body that keep things working well and create your state of health.


Support for the Causative factor 

Now we focus on your Causative Factor. Somewhere along the line, something got imbalanced and caused your whole system to go offline. The good news is that once we address this and give it attention and support, things start to move in the right direction. Over time and with consistent treatment, symptoms subside and your experience of health and life improve!



Moxibustion – Mugwort – Artemisia Vulgaris is used during treatment in order to support Qi (energy) and blood. Moxa is a dried herb that when placed on the skin at an Acupoint can warm the channel, nourish blood, and support your Qi energy.  It is instrumental in Five Element Acupuncture treatment and supports you to heal.


The founder of Classical Five Element Acupuncture, Professor J. R. Worsley talks about Acupuncture and the Five Element Healing method in this video below, Enjoy!