Five Element Acupuncture

THANK YOU for choosing Elohi Acupuncture for your healthcare needs.

I use a HIPPA compliant online software system that keeps track of records and payments – it will ask for a credit card / HSA card to hold your appointment – however you can pay however you wish. Cash is always appreciated, venmo, zelle, check and cc. A receipt will be provided for all services; and I can supply you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company. 


What is Classical Five Element Acupuncture?


Classical Five Element Acupuncture is a comprehensive healing system that is designed to help you transform your health from the inside out. Much like Classical Homeopathy we treat you on a mind, body, and spirit level in order to bring your whole being into greater vitality. Once we do this, symptoms ease over time. 5 E Acupuncture can remove the energetic blocks that keep you from:

peace, purpose, integrity, abundance, and a
deeper connection to Who You Really Are!

Connecting more deeply to yourself, the seasons and rhythms of earth and a higher power can assist you in transforming your health. The Acupuncture practice uses sterilized needles and moxibustion in order to support, nourish and move Qi (energy) during a session. I use many diagnostics to ensure that the treatment is moving you in a postive direction, the most notable is checking your pulse.

Healing involves change. All of life changes – look at the seasons. When energy gets stuck, problems begin. Long term stagnation is what leads to dis-ease.


When beginning of treatment, it is optimal for you to come in weekly or bi-weekly for 5-10  sessions (depending on financial ability and needs.) This is what I call “getting the plane in the air.” When your system is out of balance it needs more consistent reminders to retain balance. Once we have things working in harmony, less reminders are needed and you will handle stress and life’s challenges better.

For folks dealing with chronic illness or high stress, weekly or bi-monthly sessions may be helpful. If you are experiencing good health, a monthly treatment is usually enough to offer support; and to deal with any acute issues that come up. I do offer a few consistent care packages to support you financially committing to treatment.

1. Initial Intake  + Five Element Acupuncture (2 hours) 

This appointment will include a full health history, comprehensive examination, and your initial Five Element Acupuncture treatment. We will move energy so it’s important to be hydrated. Please have eaten something within 2 hours of your appointment and if possible wear loose comfortable clothing. We will discuss my findings and discuss a treatment plan.

 2. Follow- up Five Element Acupuncture  (60 minutes) 

During follow-up sessions, we meet and talk about how things have been going for you. You can update me on your progress and any changes in your life and health; concerns, struggles, triumphs, etc. I will then attempt to bring  you into greater balance and support your vital force with Five Element Acupuncture, moxa, and anything else that is appropriate. I will always let you know what I am doing as the treatments are always 1-1 and dynamic.

3. Chi Nei Tsang  (60 minutes) 

Chi Nei Tsang is a Taoist Five Element Abdominal Organ “massage” where we work with the energies of the organs using visceral manipulation, myofascial release, sound, color, emotion, and energy to release patterns or stagnation and create vibrant flowing energy. This is deep, its fun, and it works; particularly for stubborn and chronic symptoms.

4. Children’s visit – 

any child / teen up to age 18. Must have parent or guardian present for appointment.

Online / Distance offerings


5. Herbal or homeopathic Initial Consulation (60 minutes) 

This is for non-acupuncture clients only, herbal consultations are included with acupuncture and bodywork. Online or in person available.

6. Herbal or homeopathic followup consultation (30 minutes)


Consistent Care Packages


1) 5 sessions  –  This is for consistent care and expires after 6 months. You can continue with this rate for as long as you want.


This all-inclusive package is designed to transform your health from the inside out. This program progresses as you do and involves 1 weekly session consisting of 5 Element Acupuncture, Herbal or Homeopathic consultation, herbs, and follow-up, and Chi Nei Tsang / Energy bodywork – plus a lot of coaching bc that’s what I do! We will work to get you into a place to strength on a mind, body, and spirit level. Change your energy, change your life with a seasoned Practitioner.



Sessions are held at 1408 Court Street, Clearwater, Florida 33756.

Also offering online consultations.