My intention is to empower you to believe in your TRUE healing potential and to take more control over your health.

I believe that we are powerful and always have the ability to create health in our bodies. We are never separate from Nature and Spirit and thus have an infinite amount of support available to us at all times. Five Element Acupuncture enhances our connection to this support and improves vitality, moves energy and helps you to feel great!

These are some of the guiding principles that I invite you to consider in your healing:

“Life is meant to be fun!”

~Abraham Hicks

  1. The universe is a friendly place – Being willing to trust that “everything happens for your highest good” is the place where I ask folks to start. This helps to release any judgement, fear, and anger; and to be willing to change. No matter what difficulties you may have experienced in the past, in the present moment healing is always possible. When you decide to believe this, all of the universe conspires to make it so. Life isn’t against you, it’s for you. You shift your vibration when you open up to the healing, loving, supporting vibration of the universe; and are willing to release the negative thought patterns that impede this.
  2. “All disease is one disease” – Every dis-ease is your own personal expression of imbalance. The way one person gets sick is not the same as another – even when we encounter the same virus or cold. Every dis-ease is the result of a dis-harmony within the cycles of nature within. The Five elements of Chinese Medicine are inherent in all of life’s processes; birth (Water,) growth (Wood,) maturation (Fire,) harvest / decline (Earth,) and death (Metal.) Nature is the only true healer (along with Spirit) and learning to work your own true nature can change your experience of your health.
  3. Health is an inside job – That’s right, the majority of your health expression comes from within. Health is something that everyone is born with the potential to experience. It is not something that a doctor can give to you. Learning to listen and attend to your Mind, Body, and Spirit messages allows you get what you need- and this brings your health under your own control. Your vibrational energy is a product of what you intend, think, feel, eat, drink, breathe, circulate, digest, and release.
  4. Healing Is a Journey – Healing on a deeper level begins by peeling back the layers as we get to the root cause. Symptoms show up when your body and spirit are asking you to pay attention to something. Nagging symptoms in the present are chain linked to events, imbalances, and traumas that started in the past. Over time, as things start to heal, more layers present themselves. In this way healing can feel up and down for a while. However, healing also allows new parts of yourself to emerge that make the journey more than worth it.
  5. “Be Your Own Doctor” – In the process of healing you will learn how nature works within you- including your needs and reactions, your personal rhythms, and the inner workings of your unique physiology. Over time, you may start to see symptoms as imbalances that are asking for support. Patience, compassion, willingness, prayer, experimentation, lightheartedness, strength, learning, and joy are all helpful tools that help to create your health.

Sessions are in-home, in the San Diego area.

Also offering online consultations.

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