Current Classes for you!

Intuitive Guided Movement and Meditation 

This class will be an intuitively guided movement and meditation class designed to help participants clear and nurture their energetic body from a Chinese Medical perspective. The structure will be consistent though the energy and organ focus will change week to week. We will start with 15-20 minutes of guided Qi Gong “organ shaking” to get energy moving through the organ systems and Five Elements. We will then sit and ground, and participants will be guided into a particular organ system or chakra – where we will ground our energy and then do a somatic visualization as well as a deeper clearing and healing. 75 min class. $17

weekly coming to The Collective St. Pete in July 2022

The Five Elements of Healing immersion

This is an 8 week immersion class where participants will develop their knowledge of health from a Five Element Chinese Medical perspective, while at the same time diving into their own personal healing journey at the level of  mind, body, and spirit. Class will be a combination of lecture, meditation, group exercise, and journaling / reflection. There will be assignments given each week and suggested lifestyle interventions based on the class material. $ 250

New class forming soon at Traditions Herbal School in Saint Petersburg.