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I have become a leader in the field of Mind, Body, and Spirit Natural Medicine. This comes from my deep dedication to my own personal healing – as well as a desire to help others’ transform their pain and thrive. I consider the words of Timothy Leary who said, “I want to be the happiest man who ever lived.” As I continue to heal, I often (but not always!) revel in the simple things – the openness of my body after a yoga class, the cool piney air of a forest, the movements of the ocean while on a surfboard, a lovingly cooked meal, dancing with open hearted beings at a gathering.

Growing up, I was an athletic kid who was generally healthy- yet my digestion was poor, I had strep throat at least 2 times per year and I got the stomach flu pretty often. At the age of 13, I instinctually stopped taking antibiotics and started drinking fresh juice. This worked and I stopped getting this ailment until my 20’s when I had a “healing crisis” and had it one more time; which I healed naturally with high-dose probiotics and Vitamin C – for good. I got my food allergies tested in my early 20’s- and over the next 15 years changed my diet into one that my body currently thrives on. Removing allergen foods gives your body a break from inflammation, but eating an optimal diet for YOU is what helps it to really work well.

I trained in Classical Chinese Medicine at the Natural University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon and with The Worsley Institute. I was clear that I wanted to Study Worsley Five Element Acupucnture – a method that had changed my life and spoke to my heart once I received it; and it was a gift to also learn from some of the best Practitioners of Classical Chinese Medicine AND the best Doctors in Naturopathy. Some of these are: David Berkshire, Bob Quinn, Brandy Stickley, Ken Glowacki, Xiaoli Chen, Brenda Hood, Tamara Staudt, Heiner Fruehauf, Sabine Wilms, Dick Thom, and Paul Kalnins.

Over the last 20 years – Classical Homeopathy, Five Element Acupuncture, Holistic Nutrition, Yoga and the Principles of Natural healing took my health from “pretty good with some nagging concerns,” to “excellent and healing deep genetic and pattern issues.” Lifestyle interventions, Nature Cures, Homeopathy, food, sunlight, fresh air, exercise, sauna, Chinese Herbs, Chiropractic, Bodywork, Meditation and Acupuncture have all played a part in my healing and they can also help you.

A few years ago I embarked on a Clairvoyant training program with Kawena Charlot that really changed how I work with my sensitivity. I went from overwhelmed and drained from “other people’s energies” to “calm, clear and in my power” through the use of energetic meditation techniques – which I now teach both online and in person. Being in control of your own energetic space is the best way to create your ideal life from!

 Our sessions will be designed not only to improve your health and Vitality; but to connect you with your own Innate Healing Force, Earth’s healing energy, and your Higher Power. I am passionate about teaching you skills that will help you to become more of YOUR OWN DOCTOR. I can be a trusted guide for your healing journey.

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Meditation is a tool for healing.
Charlie Cavallo, L.Ac.
Charlie from Elohi Acupuncture