I believe excellent health is your birthright.

I call myself an “athlete turned yogi” who woke up to the idea that we create our lives and health. As a kid I was athletic and always outside playing sports from sun-up to sun-down. This culminated in a scholarship to play basketball in college. My experience in college opened my eyes to different ways of viewing and being in the world, and I eventually moved from the world of competitive sports into the inner world of meditation, yoga, and healing. Later, a referral for my dog to a Chinese Medicine Veterinarian lit the spark of the curiosity about the Five Elements and natural healing.

I made the decision to study Classical Chinese Medicine after receiving Worsley Five Element Acupuncture. I had received other kinds of acupuncture over the years, but Five Element Acupuncture treatment affected me on a deeper level. While receiving treatments I not only felt better and experienced improvements in my health, but also noticed that I could show up in my life more fully. Difficulties that once seemed overwhelming were more manageable. The future looked brighter and it just seemed easier to be me. Without consciously trying, I started making positive changes in my life. Professionally, I had been seeking to find a deeper way to work with people in my Shiatsu practice. In this method I experienced both the simplicity and profound healing that I knew was missing. What I had been seeking had finally found me.

Charlie Cavallo, LAc.

“Where Qi flows, there is no pain.” (Chinese adage)

While studying Classical Chinese Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine, I embarked on a training in Five Element Acupuncture with David Berkshire, LAc. and Eric Hartmann, LAc. through the Worsley Institute. I mentored privately with David, who is also well-studied in Homeopathic drainage, and am learning to use this gentle and powerful medicine as an adjunctive therapy. Classical Chinese herbal medicine was a significant part of my study as well and can be helpful with both acute and chronic conditions.

To support my high level of sensitivity, I began study with Kawena Charlot in 2020 at the Intuitive Path Academy. Learning to meditate, ground, and clear my own energetic field has allowed me to show up more fully both with myself and clients. You may not have heard the term “energy hygiene” – which involves clearing and setting one’s aura, chakras, vibration, and emotional body. This invites the boundaries that make it clear “what is me” and “what is not me.” 

I am devoted to being a servant of the earth during this time of our collective evolution. It is my mission to empower people to “become their own doctor.” The more that we learn how nature works, live in tune with her rhythms, and learn to listen to and guide these movements within ourselves; the more control we can have over our health. 

In my free time I listen to podcasts about astrology and spirituality, garden, hike, do yoga, surf, cook, study, gather with like-minded people, dance, and try to have fun and play as much as possible.


Charlie Cavallo, LAc.

Elohi Acupuncture + Herbal Medicine